Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bon Appetit Names Franklin Best BBQ in Texas, if not America

In a recent article by Bon Appetit, they claim that the East Austin BBQ joint, Franklin is the best BBQ restaurant in Texas, if not America.  Funny how they follow that statement with "Let the debates begin."  I frankly (no pun intended) do not agree.  I have forever loved Salt Lick and Ruby's (NOT Rudy's) and in my opinion, Franklin has NOTHING on these two.  I agree that the brisket is glistening and melts in your mouth, but the flavor is just not all that good.  The espresso bbq sauce helps, but I want meat that can stand alone.  Their sides are pathetic.  No variety, and they are really bland.  And the worst part is waiting in their god-awful line.  No BBQ is good enough for me to stand in the Texas Heat for more than an hour.  Screw that, I'd rather drive the extra hour in the A/C to Salt Lick.  Plus, you run the potential of standing there for no reason (they run out by about 2pm or earlier).  So, anyway.  I know most people don't agree with me.  In fact if you asked my office, they would all disagree.  (Read Korn on the Koby's review of Franklin).

What do you think?

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