Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Local Taco Stand Proves There Actually Is Some Use For Twitter

Posted by Guest Blogger: Brett Wurst

Taco fans & foodies alike will both find what they are looking for at the newest of the ever-growing population of food trucks. This haven I speak of is called Chi’Lantro. The name is a play on the Korean word Kimchi and the herb your previous favorite Mexican taco truck used to pile on your pastor, cilantro. First thing you’ll notice is that there are only about 5 things on the menu and all of them basically involve combining the same 4 or 5 ingredients into different packages. Basically you have tacos, burritos, burgers, and quesadillas. Stick to the tacos. The rest are good, but you’ve had them before from some other gimmicky place after ordering through a speakerbox, driving up to your second window and digging your toy out of a greasy bag. Everything on the menu can be filled with beef, pork, chicken or tofu but what really stands out is the sauce that all of their options are covered with. This Korean Chili Soy Vinaigrette is tangy with a bit of a kick and has a strong thai chili after-taste. If you’re looking to kick your order up a bit you can order a side of hot fries which are not for the weak of heart. I only recommend eating these fries at about 2am after you’ve already showed you body who’s boss downtown. They sell out often and move daily so be sure to check their twitter to see where they will be located next.

Recommended item: 3 spicy chicken tacos with lime wedges