Friday, June 1, 2012

Austin Raw Treats: My New Snack Obsession

I first found Austin Raw Treats at our awesome local convenience store down the street, Live Oak Market. The best way to describe these tasty, healthy snacks is a mix of nuts, fruit and natural sugars and other spices ground together to make a ball or square packed with protein and energy. They are excellent substitutes for granola or a mid-afternoon snack of fruits and nuts. My favorite is the Goji Berry ball, while Tanner's favorite is the Blueberry Cacao square. They also have other flavors like Strawberry Banana, Baklava, Pecan Praline, Mexican Cacao and Coconut Lime.

Strawberry Banana Squares

 You can find these tasty treats at:

  • Daily Juice in Hyde Park
  • The Hyde Park Market and Organic Deli 
  • Epoch Coffee 
  • Monkey Nest Coffee
  • Pacha Coffee
  • Live Oak Market 
  • Royal Blue on 4th 
  • Whatataco Food Trailer in Westlake 
  • 263 Provisions
  • Trianon Coffee

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